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Anxiety Management

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What is Anxiety?

What options are available to treat it?

Anxiety is defined as a pervasive and excessive worry, beyond normal day-to-day fears, and can often have significant physiological (body) symptoms. These symptoms can become debilitating with time or if left untreated. Anxiety can often escalate into panic attacks, or an acute form of anxiety, that is quite distressing. If you or your child or loved one is worrying excessively, finding it hard to concentrate on daily tasks, avoiding doing things they once loved or finding work, school and relationships difficult due to anxiety - we offer talk therapy such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and brain-body treatment called Brainspotting to help reduce or eliminate symptoms of anxiety. 

Q: Do I have to be seen in -office for anxiety treatment? 

A: Not necessarily! We offer convenient telehealth counseling appointments and in-office anxiety treatment to Southwest Iowa / Omaha, Nebraska area residents. 

Click here to use a Free Anxiety Screening Tool

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