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Founder Laura Kinney quoted in What Is An Introvert?

Check out this link to read more on introversion as a personality facet! Often, introverts are made to feel something is not right because they draw more energy from alone time, solitude, or small groups of people. Compared to their extraverted (defined here) counterparts, introversion may appear to be similar to shyness or even aloofness - and neither is necessarily the case!

Introverts can benefit from supportive counseling for a surprising reason. Elizabeth Balder's 2007 research paper posits introverts are actually more susceptible to symptoms of depression than others. The correlation seems to be lower social support due to a lack of understanding about introverted behavior, preferences and mannerisms, and often society and dominant cultural norms seem to pressure introverts into changing.

What if you didn't need to change this aspect of yourself? A supportive counselor can help you evaluate where you could use mood support or outpatient counseling services for depression or anxiety - and what is uniquely your own superpower in a world that seems to overtly favor and reward extraversion. Introverts and their nature hold a valid, special and valuable place in our world.

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