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PTSD and Trauma

What options are there for treatment?

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is a condition that develops when someone has witnessed a difficult event, or experienced an very severe stressor. Sometimes these conditions develop from abuse or neglect, but not always. Abuse can happen to anyone of any age, and can cause shame or stigma from the experience, along with the disruptive symptoms of PTSD. PTSD means a person experiences flashbacks to the distressing event(s), feels at times they are re-living them, or they avoid things that remind them of the event even if it is something they might really want to do. PTSD symptoms without treatment can be debilitating and make relationships, work, socializing and even your alone time very difficult. 

Trauma is a word that describes a broad range of experiences. At LK Therapy Collective, we take an expanded view of trauma to mean emotionally, physically or mentally disturbing things that occur in someone's life that cause them any kind of distress in moving forward and living the life they desire. Trauma treatment can be talk based such as Trauma Focused CBT or brain-body based, such as Brainspotting

Q: Do I have to be seen in -office for PTSD/trauma treatment? 

A: Not necessarily! We offer convenient telehealth counseling appointments and in-office PTSD and trauma treatment to Southwest Iowa / Omaha, Nebraska area residents. 

If you feel safe enough to complete a Free PTSD Screening Tool, click here. If you would like to do this with the support and presence of a therapist, please trust your instinct and make sure you are scheduled with a clinician before completion. 

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