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Relationship Issues + Co/Parenting Counseling

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Relationships and Parenting

What are some options if I am struggling in my relationships with others or my children?

Whether you are seeking parenting support for younger children, concerned about the behavior of a teenager, or struggling in any relationship in your family - we are here to help.


We have options for children and teens and their caregivers via telehealth or in office. Using expressive arts, play therapy techniques, or special ways of connecting to adolescents - our team of therapists can assist you in creating a plan that helps alleviate any stressors going on in your relationship with your child or family. 

Our counselors can assist with behavioral issues, relationship strain, coparenting in a divorced family, navigate blended family dynamics, and work with youth with mood disorders. Note: we support individuals to better all their relationships. For Marriage Counseling (attended jointly by a couple) we refer to Tipton Counseling in Omaha, NE.

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